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Running along the banks of the Charles River is Watertown, a city made up of six distinct neighborhoods with a population of 31,000. Despite being designated as a city, Watertown voted to retain “The Town of Watertown” as its official title. Watertown is thought to have been settled for thousands of years before English settlers reached the land in the 1630s. Watertown has a storied past with roots deep in history: many of its residents participated in the initial Sons of Liberty protests and the subsequent Boston Tea Party. Due to its age, many buildings have been standing in Watertown for generations and may require repair. Bruno Guerriero Construction is proud to offer masonry construction, repair and waterproofing services to the Watertown community. If you are interested in having your basement waterproofed, your foundation repaired or a walkway installed, contact Bruno Guerriero for an estimate by calling (800)444-5476 or by filling out our online contact form.